Pay Holiday Starts Friday the 13th


This Friday, the 13th of September marks the start of the next Watch Kast pay holiday. Everyone interested in the application will be able to download and use the basic version for no charge. Every download will be good for the lifetime of the app. Pay Holidays usually last for a few days before the app returns to it’s usual $0.99 USD fee. The basic feature of Watch Kast allows users to import audio files to any iOS device and playback the audio. Paired iPhones are able to transfer imported audio to the Apple Watch where it can be played over bluetooth independent of the phone.

Watch Kast also has an optional subscription service that allows cloud syncing of audio files to the Apple Watch from any iOS device. The cloud sync subscription offers a free trial so there is no financial risk to see how you like it. With the pay holiday everyone can try all the features of Watch Kast without spending a dime.

You can download your very own copy of Watch Kast at the link below.



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