Watch Kast Version 1.4.1 Now Available

dl - 1 (1)

Version 1.4.1 is now available as an update to all users. For anyone who may be on the last public beta this shipping version is the same, it is massive, and it is a build up to an even more incredible iOS 13 version planned for the next update.

With this new version users get many improvements and new features.

  • Watch Kast can now play audio from all devices. Watch, phone, and tablet.
  • The app now supports RSS audio feeds. Simply add the feed URL and download the desired audio files. (There will be a tutorial about using the RSS features soon.)
  • Support for .m4a audio files.
  • With sync subscriptions, subscribers smaller (song length) audio files will automatically load to the Apple Watch when the app is being used.
  • There are also improvements in image handling and formatting and organizing audio file names and types.

The basic Watch Kast app is available for just $0.99 USD and offers Cloud syncing as an auto renewing subscription at $0.99 USD per month or $6.49 USD per year with free trials. I also offer numerous pay holidays throughout the year for the basic app. Visit this blog and you will be sure to hit one soon.

Download your very own copy of Watch Kast at the link below.



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