Watch Kast 1.4.0 is Here


Watch Kast 1.4.0 was released this morning with support for iOS12, Watch OS5, and the newest phones and watches. There are a huge number of under the hood performance improvements in this update and one very noticeable change. It is the addition of volume control with both playlist and long form playback right inside the app.

On the phone, Watch Kast version 1.4.0 now has progress reporting for files scheduled for background transfer. This is cool because now you can see at a glance where you are as a percentage of  the total file being transferred. As always, transfers happen faster when devices are on chargers. The more you use the app the faster the transfers will be and I have been noticing that in iOS12 if the app is open on both the phone and watch the transfer kicks off immediately and seems to be given priority when left open. So keep in mind there are some tricks to move things along if you are the impatient type.

I also want to attract more users and have them try the free trial of the cloud syncing feature. To help accomplish that the first few days of November the download of Watch Kast will be free. The dates will be announced in the next couple of days. You can download a copy of Watch Kast anytime at the link below.




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